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Where this was once my forum for writing my story, I've decided to keep that to myself. This is my personal blog now, with lots of horses, veterinary things, random gifs and articles, and things I like.
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  • Me: So when you see the 4 year old boy pull the little girl's hair...
  • Students: He likes her!
  • Me: Now they are around 11 or 12 and he grabs her arm and wrestles her to the ground even though she calls him a jerk and yells at him to leave her alone.
  • Students: That is just how boys are.
  • Me: Now they are 18 and he grabs her arm and--
  • Students: Oh, that's not okay.
  • Me: Really? How would he know? How would she know? How would you know? You just told me that for the first 17 years of these children's lives that you thought it was cute, sweet, and natural for a boy to grab a girl and be rough with her.
  • Students: Oh.
  • Me: Oh, is right.

Finished The 100 by Kass Morgan. Not bad, but I was pretty much making myself finish it. I kept wanting things to happen that didn’t.

And on that note.

Turns out crying before bed is pretty much a sure recipe for a morning migraine.





im in one of those periods in my life where i cant focus on anything i cant finish an assignment i cant listen to one song for more than 5 seconds i cant sit through a tv show episode i cant finish a book i cant write a story

all i can do is stare blankly at the wall and wish i had something to do but everything i could do or want to do is just supremely unsatisfying


Hey kids this is a symptom of depression

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Just finished this book. Interesting indeed. I’m sad and I liked it and I did not like it at the same time. The writing was slow paced but that matched the tone of the story. The character was never more powerful than was necessary, and her counterparts weren’t either. I didn’t PREDICT the ending but I had the idea of where it was going to go, and I’m glad I read it despite my misgivings about the initial few chapters.

This isn’t a book review or anything, but it’s not just me saying “BWEARGH READ/DON’T READ THE BOOK” so there you have it. I liked it for the character development and the gentle way it guided me through the story, because the story empowered women and because it features Native American inspired characters. I disliked it for the writing style that draaaagged (in some instances, but not many) and repeated itself (A LOT), and for entirely selfish and silly reasons that would have kept the story from evolving. Vital, but they made me unhappy. Mostly, I liked it.


Dear Family, Friends, Fans and Followers,

Over the past few months, my equine friend, partner, teacher and guide ‘Blanco’ – known around the world for his staring role as Shadowfax in the Lord of The Rings movies – suddenly and without warning fell critically ill. During this…

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